For buyers

Every customer is important to us, and the commission is only a remuneration for a job well done.

A client interested in viewing and possible purchase of a real estate selected from our offer bears the costs of our remuneration, unless the offer is marked as 0% Commission or Direct Offer.


Before the first presentation, a real estate agency agreement is signed with the client, specifying the terms of cooperation.


Before each presentation, the customer signs a confirmation of the address indicated.

The signing of the brokerage agreement, confirmation of the address indication and inspection of the real estate offered are free of charge and do not oblige to purchase them.


Property selection.

As part of the service for our clients, we participate:

- in the inspection of real estate

- in assisting in mediation and agreeing the terms of transactions between the parties

- in assistance in obtaining a bank loan

- we prepare a preliminary contract in a civil law form or we order a preliminary contract to be prepared by a notary office indicated by the Buyer

- when concluding transactions in a notary's office

- in the handover of real estate

We carefully check the formal and legal status of each reported real estate agency. We provide the buyer with all information known to us regarding the legal and technical condition of the real estate offered. Thanks to cooperation with banks, we help clients in obtaining a loan for the purchase of real estate.

The costs of acquiring the ownership right to real estate, such as tax on civil law transactions, notary and court fees, are borne by the Buyer. These fees are collected by a notary.

We perform brokerage activities in accordance with applicable law, professional standards of real estate agents and the code of professional ethics.