For sellers

Every customer is important to us, and the commission is only a remuneration for a job well done.

Notification of real estate for sale requires the conclusion of an agency agreement in writing.

We accept real estate for sale on an exclusive basis for a specified period or without exclusivity (open contract), for an indefinite period with a 1-month notice period.

As part of the brokerage agreement:

- we make a description, photographic documentation

- we help in organizing the legal status of real estate

- we help in completing the necessary documents to conclude a transaction

- we explain the rules and regulations related to the transaction

- we provide a preliminary valuation of your property

- we place the offer on our own website and on portals

- we carry out marketing activities aimed at selling real estate

- we provide the offer to interested persons and entities

- we present real estate

- we comprehensively prepare and guide our clients through the entire transaction process

- we care about the security of transactions

As part of exclusive contracts at the request of customers, we additionally offer:

- home staging service - consisting in preparing real estate for sale or rent. The aim of such preparation is to attract the greatest possible number of viewers of the property, and thus accelerate the sale or rental for the highest possible price.

- open days service - consisting in the presentation of the property on one day to potential clients and agents of cooperating offices, so that in a nice, relaxing atmosphere they can thoroughly familiarize themselves with the property and appreciate its values.

- virtual walks service - which allows you to see the apartment of potential customers without the need for a personal visit.

The costs of obtaining the documents necessary to sell the property are borne by the Seller.

The seller of the property does not incur any costs due to the mere submission of the property to the office and signing the agency agreement.

We perform brokerage activities in accordance with applicable law, professional standards of real estate agents and the code of professional ethics.

Our motto is full customer satisfaction and transparent rules of cooperation so that the customer at every stage of cooperation is thoroughly informed and feels safe.

We approach each offer individually to optimize the sales process.